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Erin Bender Vol. 2
The Riders of Redemption

The Perfect Birthday Gift for any child.


Throughout his career, Rory has had the knack for bringing stories to life.

Known as an amateur historian in the Black Hills of South Dakota; he is a tour bus guide, a handyman, an outdoor enthusiast, and an old-car guy.  However, as a tour guide, he might be best known for his storytelling.

Rory refined his stories through the years while performing as Santa for organizations and elementary schools.   


He has finished his first three children's books; a two-book Christmas series entitled Alfy and Elfie and a third about a not-so-scary monster. All three are available here, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers. 


Rory is currently working on a fictional novel called Erin Bender - The Treasure of Amidon. 


All books purchased on this website will have an autographed copy sent to them.

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