Erin Bender • The Treasure of Amidon

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It’s the era of a New World.  The old modern world, as it was referred to, was ravaged by war and plagues. A battle over technology or the tech wars. A planet laid to waste over greed to control technology. Cities that once held millions, now gone after the destruction.  Fifty percent of the population was wiped out. Over the next 40 years, another 30 percent would die from disease, famine, and chemical and biological weapons. This would be known as “The Ravage.” Those affected by the ravage lived in devastated areas called “The Range,” and Ravagers controlled these dangerous areas. 


In this new era, the world is coming out of 50 years of disaster and chaos. New cities are beginning to grow; skills and trades are once again taught and learned. The regions out west are considered lawless, controlled by the gun, slow to be civilized. However, common law is becoming established. The new code of the west. 

As civilization becomes newly educated, the need for items of the old modern world is desired. Erin Bender and her partners scavenge banded towns and buildings in search of these modern valuables called Findings. In her earlier adventures, Erin found an advanced piece of technology invented before the tech wars. An orb-shaped probe or scanner would bend or spread out energy waves, searching out anomalies through walls and floors. An advanced system created by the military for tactical purposes, designed from advanced, non-destructive material and self-charging by an unknown advanced technology.


Follow Erin Bender, her partners, and the Light Bender when their findings lead them on a treasure trail that could bring destruction or the utopia of a new world – in the Treasure of Amidon.