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Rory's new book, "The Barefoot Monster," is a delightful children's story about a unique monster who learns to accept himself for who he is.


The Barefoot Monster is an encouraging journey of a not-so-scary-looking monster who wants to be the same as other scary monsters. That's when he learns from humans that everyone can be different and appreciated.



  • Barry the Barefoot Monster Plush Toy
  • Barefoot Monster Tote Drawstring Bag


Barry was a monster. Not scary like the other monsters. He didn't look scary. In his attempt to be like other monsters, Barry sneaks into town. He wants to prove that he can be frightful also. Watching humans and their interactions, he realizes that it's okay to be different. No matter what you look like or what you wear, you can be happy with who you are.


All books purchased from this site are personally signed by the author.

The Barefoot Monster Plush Toy

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$16.90Sale Price
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